Schedule Your Writing: Nonfiction Writing Prompt #15

time to schedule writingNow that you have found writing time in your days, weeks or months, you need to put it to use. How else will you ever get your book, article, essay, or blog written?

I know I wrote about organizing your time and making writing a priority, but that doesn’t mean you actually made the effort to create a writing schedule or to make formal appointments with yourself to write. And if you don’t do so, your writing likely won’t get done. And if it doesn’t get done, you won’t meet your writing goals. You won’t start or finish your writing project or become a successful writer or author.

Nonfiction Writing Prompt #15: Schedule Your Writing

To complete this prompt, get out a calendar. You can use your Smartphone calendar, a Google calendar or a physical calendar—any calendar you like.

  • First, decide how much time you will spend writing per day, week or month. Or, determine how much time you have available for writing. You can use this prompt to help you with this step.
  • Second, look at your calendar and start plotting in time slots, actual appointments with yourself, until you have added enough of them so that they add up to your final writing-time goal for any given period (a day, week or month) or you have used up all the existing time slots available for writing.
  • Third, commit to making these calendar appointments a priority. Do not allow anything except a true emergency to get in the way of your writing periods. In fact, be sure to schedule in a few extra time slots on your calendar for “make up” writing sessions. This back-up plan prevents you from ever falling behind or feeling you’ve let other things get in the way of your writing.

How does it feel to have scheduled time with yourself to write? Tell me in a comment below.

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